Please allow 2-5 business days for orders to be prepared for shipment
Please allow 2-5 business days for orders to be prepared for shipment
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  • Corva Bella Farm Salves & Balms

  • Old Fashioned Lard Soaps

  • Floral Blossom Jellies

  • Cygnea Cantio Rosaries


Corva Bella Farm Salves & Balms


Old Fashioned Lard Soaps


Floral Blossom Jellies

Cygnea Cantio Rosaries



Corva Bella Farm offers a range of handcrafted products, all of which directly support the farm's daily operations, as well as living expenses. I've been a self-employed handcrafter for over 25 years and support myself completely through handcrafting!

  • Floral blossom jelly season is about to begin. I forage and handcraft a variety of lovely floral jellies, and later into the summer, fig (and sometimes peach) preserves. These are made in small quantities and small batches. Some varieties sell out quickly!

  • Cold process lard soap at this time is still available. I conducted a recent poll on Facebook, asking customers if they would still purchase if I outsourced purchased rendered lard to make the soap. The response was a resounding YES. I've started purchasing supplies to begin soaping again. This new round of soaps will have some changes made to the labeling to distinguish it from past soaps made with farm-rendered lard from our own pigs. Soaps have been a good seller and income source for the farm for many years, and I'm happy to be able to continue offering them. Many have been converted to the wonders of old fashioned lard soap!

  • Rosaries are crafted year round and custom work is welcome! I've moved my Rosaries back to this shop from Etsy, because they charge around 10% in fees, and I did not find increased exposure from listing my products there. Click on "Cygnea Cantio Rosaries" in the top bar menu to view my current inventory.

  • Fresh, local raw honey will potentially be available in late Spring 2023, depending on the nectar flow.

    In addition to the products here, Corva Bella farm maintains a flock of rare Salmon Faverolles chickens, bred to SOP. Hatching eggs are available for a short window of time in the spring. Other farm offerings include rabbit kits and occasionally free range farm fresh eggs. All announcements for farm product availability is made via the Facebook page.

    All handcrafted products can be shipped, or purchased via farm gate pickup. If you'd like to pick up, you needn't check out through the website. Just send me a message with what you'd like to purchase and we can arrange a pickup time.

About Corva Bella Farm

Corva Bella Farm is nestled in the Blue Ridge Foothills of South Carolina's "Golden Corner" in West Union, Oconee County, SC. My son and I established and built the farm from bare ground, in 2015 and it's been an incredible journey, but the farm direction changed in 2021 when my son enlisted in the US Air Force. Over a year of transition, I left behind our business of raising pastured pork, and breeding show quality registered Kunekune pigs (a rare breed of pig originally from New Zealand).

The farm is named after the small town of Corva in NE Italy (Friuli) where my Grandfather grew up. The name is also a nod to the many crows (corvids) that we seem to have attracted here.

My goals with the farm are to live simply and in tune with nature, and to abide a deep appreciation for the natural world and all of it's wonders with which our Creator has endowed us. Here amidst this beauty, one is called to slow down, to focus, to appreciate the quietness in between each moment.

I enjoy cooking, baking and exploring different types of food preservation and "the old ways" of doing things. I'm passionate about art, history, music and nature. All of this becomes apparent in the products that I craft, and in daily living on the farm.

Corva Bella is supported almost entirely by my handcrafting. I make foraged floral blossom jellies, fruit preserves, old fashioned cold process lard soap, and herbal skin salves & lip balms. I also craft unique modern-vintage style Rosaries, made from semi-precious stones, iridescent glass, and vintage bronze castings. All of these products are available here on this website.

If you are local and would like to pick up, you can also just send me a message with what you'd like to order and pay in person.

Thank you for visiting Corva Bella Farm, and enjoy some of the photos below!